Thursday, 30 January 2014

Thailand Travels: Day 3, Street Dinner

I'm just back from foraging the local food stalls for my dinner and I'm so stuffed I can't moved! Tonight I tried my first Pad Thai from a food seller on the Khaosan road. For 50 THB, (less than £1) you get a huge portion of Eggy noodles with veg and shrimp, plus a selection of sweet or hot sauces to add to it.

Some people say to avoid the food stalls in Thailand, for fear of food poisoning, but in my experience local street food is always the best and if it's good enough for the locals... then it's good enough for me. Plus it's heaps cheaper than anywhere else!

The other good thing about street stalls is it's a good way to chat to and meet other travellers. When I sat down to eat my Patthai I struck up a chat with 2 Latinos from California and LA who were travelling all over Asia. After we'd finished eating they invited me to join them wandering the streets and chilling out at bars. I was keen and took them up as I had started to get lonesome on my own in the evenings.

We wandered down the Khaosan road and came across some interesting food stalls selling 'edible' bugs! Christina and Willie (my Latino friends) had filmed themselves eating these a few days ago and the footage was hilarious, but also very off putting... So, needless to say I didn't take up their challenge to try one!

We then stopped at a juice bar to pick up our dessert, a delicious freshly-made smoothie. For one type of fruit you pay 30 THB and for a mixed smoothie you pay 40 THB. It was really tasty and lovely and cooling in the humid evening.

Christina and Willie took me a couple of streets away from the Khaosan Road, to Rambuttri Road. It was so much nicer in this spot. The area had a more chilled out vibe and there were lots of beautiful coloured lanterns and fairy lights hanging from all the trees and bars. They were staying at a place called the Greenhouse so we went and sat in its bar, finished our smoothies and exchanged facebook details.

It was a lovely relaxing evening until Willie and I spotted a HUGE rat run across the floor in the bar, not once but twice! We both pulled our feet up to our knees and squealed! Once everyone else in the bar worked out why we'd squealed, panic ensued in the bar and women everywhere begun to leave or clutch at their boyfriends! That was when we I decided it was time to leave too!

Another great evening and another new area in Bangkok ventured into :)


  1. The food sounds interesting and colourful. Shame you didn't try the creepy crawlies. I'm not sure if I am doing this right as I don't see them coming up on your replies??

  2. Hope you try the bug before you come home. Remember the sugar cane...

    1. Dadddd the bugs are not in the same league as the sugar cane!!! Speaking of which, the new post mentions the sugar cae lesson:}