Friday, 31 January 2014

Thailand Travels: Day 4, Cocktail O'clock in Bangkok

Ashlia (a fellow solo traveller) flew into Bangkok today, so I had a playmate for the evening! Unfortunately her flight was a bit delayed so I started the night without her. I ate in a restaurant on the Rambuttri Road, called My Darling and I chose to try a Thai red curry with coconut milk and rice, which I've not had before. The red curry was tasty and a little milder than a green curry, but still full of flavour; I'd definely pick it again. Eating on my own was weird at first but it's surprising how quickly you relax and feel comfortable. Plus there's so much to look stand take in from new surroundings.

Ashlia and I arranged to meet at the Greenhouse (a restaurant/hostel). While I was waiting I decided to start as I meant to go on... with a Apple Martini cocktail! I ordered one and then thought it would be nice if Ashlia had one waiting for her after her long (and delayed) flight. Ashlia's first taxi that arrived tried to charge her double the price it should be, (cheeky whatsit!) so she refused (g'wan girl!) and had to wait for another one to turn up, which made her later than planned. I was happy as larry though, as the cocktails were 3 for 2. I started on Ashlia's and ordered another one for her when she arrived.

After a good natter I showed Ashlia down the Rambuttri Road. Weaving through the copious bars, tattoo parlours, food and clothing stalls and pushy tuk tuk drivers we decided that a foot massage was needed! We paid 220THB each for an hour of pampering on side-by-side reclining deckchairs. Lushness!

After that we walked round to the Khaosan road which was like being on another planet! After 12pm the music gets heavier and louder and everyone comes out to party hard. I'd not stayed out this late yet so it was a new experience for me! It was crazy, but a right laugh, lots of drunken travellers chatting away to you and wanting to dance with you in the street!

We both clocked a funky shack with a wicked DJ playing old school R&B and selling cocktails by buckets and decided to check it out. After ordering a sex on the beach cocktail in a bucket to share for 200 THB (total bargain!) some Frenchies in the bar beckoned us over to join them, so we did! They were daring each each other to eat huge bugs from the foodie stalls, so naturally I got my camera out and caught it on film! It was so gross!!

We moved on after this and got costered by a red-haired guy who had a very 'proper' English accent, felt sick and had lost his friends (he made a point of telling us all this). Somehow he got himself involved in a street performance which involved 10 or so people laying down in the road and a little Thai guy doing a run up into a summersault over all of the people. Luckily for him the Thai made it... JUST!

By 2pm we were both flagging, so we left our new friend and went into McDonald's (oh my god the shame!) There I came face to face with my first Lady Boy in Bangkok! S/he loved us and insisted in teaching us how to say (and correctly pronounce) Thai phrases, like 'nice to meet you' and 'hello'. S/he also snapped away at us in McDonald's, badgering us to make peace signs like we were the blooming Spice Girls!! Amusing and a little bizarre! The Facebook addy situation then came up and it was time to leave sharpish.

At 3pm Ashlia caught a cab back to her hotel and I skipped off into mine to write up this blog. I'm excited for tomorrow now when we will go explore the floating markets! But now Cocktail O'clock is Snooze O'clock! Nighttttttt x

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  1. "McDONALD'S" I don't believe it!!!
    With all that other food about!!!
    Well! I hope you enjoyed it??? " When in Rome" No more McDonald's