Thursday, 6 February 2014

Thailand Travels: Day 11, Adventures with Lady Boys & Thai Cookery School

So the gossip from last night is that apparently two of the boys got with lady boys!! Kirsty and I sat up gossiping until about 2am and then we fell asleep. After about an hour or so I was woken by shouting and screaming coming from outside my door (Kirsty was somehow dead to the world!!)

I went out to see what all the commotion was and found Helena and Emily pissed as anything stumbling around the hotel. Helena had massive cuts on her knees, and her hands were grazed and bleeding. When I asked what had happend she said she'd fallen out of the taxi. She was wailing for someone from Gadventures tour group to provide a plaster. Realising that I couldn't help and it was nothing serious I stumbled back into my room and tried to go back to sleep. However, after a ridiculous amount of noise continued until about 5am so sleep wasn't something I managed much of.

Kirsty and I had opted to do the morning cookery school so we had to be up and ready to leave at 9am today. This meant we were up before the revellers and unable to find out what went down last night until we returned from the class. When we did come back we discoverd that Emily, Helena, Sarah and Carlos had gone to a club with the boys and 2 lady boys had made a beeline for them as soon as they walked in. The boys spent the night pulling the lady boys and then one of them went back home with a lady boy and the other brought one back to our hotel. Apparently there was full on action... until the girls came back and knocked on the boys room and found the ladyboy.

Emily and Helena ended up in a brawl with one of the lady boys at our hotel because he/she tried to snatch Emily's mobile phone. Emily and Helena were literally dragged down the stairs by this lady boy, as they held onto the phone, which now explains all the noise! I won't go into the details of the ladyboy action but it was enough to cause some embarrassment for the boys the next day.

The cookery school on the other hand was fantastic (even on just a few hours sleep!) The morning involved a shopping trip to a local market which had everything you could need to cook any Thai dish in the world. The fish stalls were a bit nauseating and brought a new meaning to fresh fish... many of which were still alive and swimming around in buckets, or flipping around on a table taking their last gasps!

I also tried a few local delicacies, all of which were pretty awful. Especially this green drink here which I swear was blended grass!

Once we had all the ingredients we went back to the home of the husband and wife who run 'Home Cooking School' and learnt to make our dishes from scratch.

I'd chose to make Thai Red Curry paste, Sweet and Sour and Pad Thai Noodles and I was really pleased

It was also really interesting to see how differently the Thai's cook dishes. For example, some flavours like the spring onion shouldn't go into until the very end of a stir fry and not everything is cooked on a high heat.

At the end of the lesson we were given a "home cooking school" recipe book to take home for free. I'm really excited to try it out back home and make authentic Thai for my friends and family.

The cookery school over ran a bit so once we've been dropped back at the hotel we only had enough time to pickup a few snacks from the 7-11 and then grab our washing. For 140 TBH (just over £2!) we had 4 kilos of washing dryed - result! If only I could send my weekly washing load to this lady when I get back home!

We then hopped on the overnight sleeper train back to Bangkok to complete part one of the tour.


  1. So! you'll be cooking us some food when you get back. That sounds great to me. Definitely like the idea of giving you a cook book as you would forget how it was done.
    Interesting about the boy - girls Uhmm...

  2. Yep Thai dinner at the flat pronto when I'm home... so I don't forget what I've learnt!!! X

  3. I love the picture on your face drinking that yucky green stuff. Ugh! the best ever. xx