Sunday, 16 February 2014

Thailand Travels: Day 17, Hello Paradise (Ko Tao) and Sairee Beach

Today our tour group caught the ferry from Koh Samui to Ko Tao. It was a choppy three and a half hour ride which made my stomach do several summersaults! However when we arrived it was SO worth it, because Ko Tao was the most beautiful, chilled place I've seen so far in Thailand, In fact it reminded me of Brighton in a way, less the palms and the lovely temperature...

I felt pretty sick on this boat ride as I'd forgotten to take my sea sickness pills, but Sarah told me the best way to handle it is to distract yourself and try not to worry. So I decided to settle down to an episode of breaking bad and it worked a treat.

Before long the journey was over and everyone was rushing to alight the boat and get their feet on steady land. The Seashell Ressort staff came to meet us from the pier and take us to our dwellings for the next 2 nights. It was only a 20 minute drive and when we arrived we realised we'd found paradise!

Our hotel was the best so far by miles, which was a perfect way to end what has been an amazing second part to the tour. Our room was on the second floor which meant we had a balcony with a gorgeous garden view. The room also had aircon and a big walk in shower. Kirsty and I were were like kids on our birthday, running around excited as anything.

The rest of the hotel was lovely too, with an outdoor pool and jacuzzi, and just a stone's throw from Sairee beach. Sariee beach was a stunning, white sands and the warmest clear waters! The resort also had a restaurant right on the beach with direct sea views which we would take our breakfast at in the morning.

After we'd unpacked, paddled in the sea and took a few snaps of paradise, it was time for dinner. As always we went for a group dinner together. Sek took us to a local Mexican restaurant and we filled up on nachos, fajitas and potatoe skins.

The night from here then turned into a bit of an unplanned party! A PR for the Lotus Bar gave us free drinks vouchers so we decided to check it out. When we turned up the party was in full swing and there were poi performances, fireworks and classic R&B choones blasting out.

Checkout this short video I shared on Instagram to see for yourself:

I ordered my first bucket of booze that night and before long I was dancing away and talking to a group of Australian boys that were diving fanatics and planning to do a wreck dive at the weekend.

It was soon clear that the night was going to be carnage so I did the sensible thing and took my new camera home and dumped my banks cards and most of my cash in the safe in our room. As it turned out my sixth sense was spot on as I ended up dancing on the tables and doing the limbo under a fire-lit rope on the beach

It was unbareably hot under going under the rope and I only managed to do two rounds before I realised that I was too long and inflexible to be carrying on. Sam on the other hand was amazing and was the last one able to do the limbo, just a metre from the ground! There were some nasty accidents by a few too-daring people, one guys whole face came into contact wit the limbo pole so he had a very nasty burn!

There was also a burning skipping rope that was very tempting, however the Aussie boys had warned me off of it as they'd seen lots of nasty accidents and had a friend had to spend 12 hours in hospital after a burn. He had a lovely scar to remind him of his jump too. Hayliegh had a go at the skipping the rope and came away with a nasty burn on her ankle, which made me realise however, good a skipper you are, it's quite likely that you'll come away with an injury.

A few of us had signed up to an early morning the next day with a day trip to an island and snorkelling so we sent ourselves to bed at 1am and said goodnight the wicked Sairee beach, beach party.

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  1. The beach looks lovely. Thanks for the postcard.
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