Monday, 10 February 2014

Thailand Travels: Day 12 & 13, Back in Bangkok, MBK and Evening Cocktails

The last few days have been chill days which were really appreciated after the full on time in the North. After our night on the sleeper train we went back to the Bangkok Centre Hotel and freshened up before taking a ride over to MBK (a massive shopping complex in the centre of Bangkok).

The centre had 8 floors and as you went up each floor the pricey the shopping became. I found a couple of must haves, including a very good fake Armani wrist watch for 520 TBH and a really bling phone case for 1,200 TBH.

On Saturday evening we met the new tour members for the southern part of the trip and we all went for a group dinner with them on the Saturday night. After dinner most of the group went to a ping ping show, but Kirsty and I really weren't interested in seeing this seedier side of Thailand so we went for a manicure and cocktails on the Ramburtti Road with Helena and a new addition to our group, Lydia.

After the Ping pong show everyone joined us at The Greenhouse for cocktails, but by this time it was about 1am and we were both exhausted. We decided to have a cheeky foot massage and then took Flora back to the hotel with us for a reasonably early night.

The night before we'd decided to enjoy a long lay in and a massage and that's exactly what we did the next day. Round the corner from our hotel there was a massage parlor that Sek had recommended. It was 500 TBH for an hour oil massage and 300 TBH for an hour long facial. This was pricier than other massages I'd had in Thailand but the facial was incredible and left my face feeling as soft as a baby's bum.

It was a funny experience as Kirsty and I were next to each other behind curtains, which made us able to shout through and check how each other was finding it. From doing this I realised that every massuse uses a very different technique, even in the same parlor. My masseuse, for example, liked to climb onto the bed and put his knees into my back occasionally. At least I hope that's a Thai massage technique and not so weird kinky thing... :-/

Kirsty had never has a pedicure, facial or massage until this trip so it was an exciting first experience for her. She discovered she had really tickly feet and couldn't keep her feet from twitching when they did certain movements which had us both laughing.

After that there was just time for a spot of lunch and then we were off to the station (again) for another night on the sleeper train! I'm writing actually writing up all the back posts for the last few days as it's been so full on there's not been time to blog. I want to make sure I capture all the amazing experiences I'm having so I can read them back and smile when I'm back home.

There's an amazing sunset tonight as we are out of the crazy city and it's filled the sky. Feeling knackered now and our stop is at 4:30am, so I'm going to catch 40 winks before it's time to get up and be on the move again!

Nun night all x


  1. Well I must admit that I am a little envious of all these massages that you are having.
    Enjoy!! x

  2. I bet you love that phone cover, it's very you.
    I have just read from day 5 and it is 1.30am over here. so I am now of to my bed. Night night to you
    Enjoy tomorrow....x

  3. Hi Nan, it certainly is the best bling phone cover I've ever seen! Also I saw the lady hand making it in the shop!!

    I'm going to have to ween myself off these massages spoon, can't carry on like that at home- I'll be broke with England prices!! X